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September 7th, 2016 nmguar18

A new year of school means the same old song and dance: orientation. The introductions, the floor meetings, the tours of campus. Oh goodness me, don’t get me started on the tours.

Too late, you got me started on the tours. It’s your fault, really.

So you know how Holy Cross has that brick wall around it with the wrought iron gate? You know the one, with the nice sign on it with the old (read: better) logo? Its got the fancy Latin and all those nice carvings? So Rome has one of those fancy gates too. Actually, it has a bunch.

arch (2)

It’s a bit showy if you ask me. What are they trying to prove? We get it, you’re old and rich.

And for such an old campus, you’d think they would take better care of the fields. The local football stadium needs a major redo.


I mean, I know they do football a bit differently in Europe, but at least lay some fresh sod down. Its all sand and bare brick! Plus half the thing is crumbling. I’ve always though that if you dropped an ancient Roman in the Coliseum, he’d get ticked off and ask why the heck no one decided to redo the tile or something. Then he’d probably ask why no one speaks Latin anymore and that would be an awkward conversation to have.

And we were going to meet the dean but, guess what, he wasn’t even at his office! Something about a “plebiscite removing the monarchy” or some excuse like that.


Vittorio Emanuele the Second? More like “Vittorio Emanuele the Worst!” You gotta have a big ego to put your name on the side of the Pantheon, am I right folks?

The gym is also rubbish. No free weights in sight, its all cardio. At least there’s a pretty ok pool just off campus.


So ya, the campus is pretty alright. I guess I’ll just have to rough it.

And speaking of roughing it, I’m already getting assigned homework. Take a gander at my first project from my Italian Culture class.


See this cheese? I have to eat this cheese. And, as if that wasn’t hard enough, I have to identify it. Such work.

This post was all sarcastic, if you couldn’t tell. I mean, I’m not THAT full of myself.

I wasn’t sarcastic about the cheese though; that is my actual homework, and I can assure you that I am hard at work!

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